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A community-service project of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers

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Bill Brewer Family Gardens - About Us

Our Mission is…

“Our mission is to teach families to steward our earth through experiences, classes and events which promote sustainable lifestyles and enhance the native habitat of our community. The Holton Eco-Preserve is a Community Project of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers.”


A family garden can help transform people who happen to live in the same place into a united community. It celebrates diversity in individual plots while creating opportunities for people to work together and learn from each other. We learn to respect each other’s differences and to appreciate what we have in common. Family gardens build relationships that last beyond the growing season.  


Family gardens provide a place to grow healthy, nutritious food resulting in both gardeners and their families eating a wider variety, larger quantity and higher quality of fresh vegetables. In addition, gardeners increase their physical activity and overall health.


By educating our families and community, we are helping to cultivate earth stewards — both young and old — who will be equipped to deal with the myriad of challenges that we face.

The Family Gardens Team


Adrienne Diaz

Adrienne is an active Lee County Master Gardener, a Certified Square Foot Garden Instructor, and a Certified Seed Saver (through Seed Saver's Exchange). She has been the project director for the Six Mile Charter Academy School Garden for the last 3 years; her home garden, Miss Potter's Place, is a destination for tours on Edible Landscaping along with Backyard Micro Farming. Adrienne leads the Fort Myers Backyard Vegetable Gardening Group, key collaborators with the Holton Eco-Preserve's Family Gardens,


Walt Ittenbach

Walt currently serves as Chair of the Building and Grounds team at the UUCFM Church and is a member of the UUCFM Leadership Development Design team. He and Simone have two children and three grandchildren.


Bill Petrarca

Retired, Bill enjoys participating in the Humanist Forum, Meditation Class, the Men's Group and other enlightening activities at the UUCFM Church.

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